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Public safety awareness has resulted in the deployment of an incredibly disparate variety of technologies. One emerging trend is the use of CCTV equipment in vehicles capturing internal scenes as well as street vision and other data. However, this infrastructure of moving sensors represents a massive level of complexity in terms of usability and utility. We refer to this complex, roaming and ubiquitous surveillance as Mobile Scattered Surveillance™ (MSS)”.

An MSS city-wide deployment represents the ultimate infrastructure for wide-area surveillance. However, it also represents a massive volume of fragmented and almost inaccessible data in its raw state.

Virtual Observer (VO) technology allows users to create, retrospectively, a ‘virtual’ camera at any point on a map and then automatically retrieve over the internet all the relevant video from all the vehicles that passed that point within the selected time frame. The vision is delivered straight to the users’ desktop. The user now has all available vision of an area ready for interrogation. All of this is done without the user having to know anything about the routes, locations or types of vehicles and cameras.

VO’s unique capability is the ability to expeditiously and remotely access and interrogate massive volumes of data across a multitude of moving data sensors. Such technology can be applied to a range of industries and situations. This includes the security, surveillance, defence and geospatial commercial markets.

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