Our Philosophy

At Virtual Observer we strive to deliver beyond expectations to the community and stakeholders, and to minimise our impact to the environment.

Through the VO technology we seek to make our human environment a safer and more efficient place for all.

At Virtual Observer we strive to embrace the latest technologies to efficiently and effectively manage mass surveillance, providing a safe human environment for all.


We take special care in our services ensuring we always act ethically in our commercial engagements.

We constantly challenge the status quo and have the ethos of continually improving our services and technology.


We treat with utmost importance the privacy issues that arise with wide-area monitoring solutions.

We seek to ensure our solutions do not compromise individual rights, or the natural expectations of such rights, while acknowledging the universal desire for a safe place to live.


We employ people dedicated to doing their best in all of life’s pursuits.

At Virtual Observer, we offer a stimulating environment with the freedom for innovation, contribution and flexibility.

All staff are essential to the business and we provide them with development opportunities both on the job and through formal learning programs.