The Founders

The founders of VO technology were Neil Goodey, Curtin University researchers Professor Svetha Venkatesh and Stewart Greenhill, in collaboration with DTI Ltd.

Concept Originator: Neil Goodey

In 2001 as CEO and Founder of DTI Group Ltd, Neil conceptualised using mobile sensors installed on transit fleets as a means of providing wide-area surveillance. He identified some potential solutions to solve the challenge of being able to easily and quickly access critical video from a multitude of moving vehicles. To progress these concepts, he established a research collaboration between DTI Ltd and Curtin University of Technology. Neil is Director of DTI and Virtual Observer. Click here for more detail on his professional profile.


Technical Coordinator: Professor Svetha Venkatesh

Prof. Svetha Venkatesh is an expert in the field of pattern recognition and Professor in Curtin’s School of Computing. Svetha took the lead role within Curtin to work with DTI on numerous research initiatives. One of these research efforts developed to become Virtual Observer. Svetha sits on the Board of Virtual Observer. Click here for more detail on her professional profile.


Technical Developer: Dr Stewart Greenhill

Stewart Greenhill is a software engineer with over 20 years experience in both academic and commercial research and development. Stewart conducted much of the programming taking the concepts and research into working prototypes.


Funding Contributor: DTI Group Ltd

DTI is a Perth-based company that provides advanced surveillance systems, solutions, and services to the global mass transit industry. DTI’s customers are transit authorities and operators and their range of professional products and services encompass on-board recording equipment, fleet management systems, back-end mass storage and retrieval facilities and end-to-end managed services. DTI plays a major role in aiding the commercialisation of Virtual Observer through the access and leverage of their existing infrastructure. DTI is a significant shareholder of Virtual Observer.

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