Ground Operation

The Scenario

UN peacekeeping forces have been deployed to a hostile zone. They have been equipped with the latest technology so that images can be retrieved from:

  • ground personnel
  • ground vehicles
  • unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
  • satellites

The area has been under regular patrols for the last week. Military planners at Headquarters are trying to make the most effective deployment of their scarce resources into troubled areas.

The Need

All available imagery of hotspot locations must be gathered immediately and a report generated before further deployment decisions are made. Time is a crucial aspect of the operation as troops are already on the ground in location.

The Solution

A planner logs into the VO and places virtual cameras in the areas of interest covering a period of the last 3 days.

She sees that there are a number of satellite images available for the whole area. 4 hotspots have also been photographed during UAV fly-overs. Foot patrols have captured extensive clips in all areas which supplement footage captured by a number of vehicle convoys that passed through the areas.

The planners are able to identify the most dangerous positions from the images and provide appropriate movement orders with supplementary visual intelligence.


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