Homeland Security

Intelligence Gathering

The Scenario

The National Intelligence Agency under operation code “Hopscotch” has gathered evidence of a possible terrorist threat.

The main subject is a member of a suspected local terrorist cell. Little is known about the subject, though a “tip-off” indicated the subject met with a railway security officer
at 0830 on Monday 28th February (yesterday) in the car park on the north-west side of the station.

The Need

The Agency requires any available video footage of this meeting and plans to track the movement of the subject after the meeting.

The Solution

An officer of the Agency logs into Virtual Observer and places a VO camera over the area and selects a time period of 8am to 9am 28th February.

Several buses passed the area during that time period and VO indicates there is approximately 30 minutes of relevant video suitable for interrogation from 12 buses. The officer downloads the video and can see 15 quality images of the scene and surrounding area. The files are viewed and the suspect is identified from five video files which are then saved to the case notes under code name “Hopscotch”.

The suspect’s movements are tracked using additional VO requests. The suspect is then seen meeting a third person who is well known to authorities. The Agency saves this vision within their case file and surveillance is further expanded to a wider area using VO.

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