Private Security

Site Monitoring

The Scenario

A University campus has deployed fixed CCTV systems in and around its buildings. Unfortunately, the campus has lots of open space and sports areas which cannot be monitored by fixed cameras.

There have been a number of attacks and bag snatches on students and staff as they walk between buildings through these open areas.

Vehicles operated by Security, Ground Maintenance and Community Services are constantly moving around campus and using the roads through the open spaces.

The Need

The University Security department want to extend video surveillance beyond the current, fixed coverage area into the open spaces. Their control-room staff need an integrated system that allows them to see what is happening in all areas, but their budget does not permit a massive deployment of fixed infrastructure.

The Solution

The University decides to invest in wide area surveillance of the campus by combining the existing static camera system with mobile cameras on security patrol and ground maintenance vehicles. This allows Security staff in the central control centre to monitor what is happening all over campus.

When they have to investigate an incident, they highlight the area of interest on the map and set the time frame of interest. They immediately see all the video clips that are available and can download them for viewing.

An unexpected benefit of this approach has been the ability to view group behaviour. In particular the Administration has been able to see how students move around campus, enabling them to improve the pathways and lighting in response to the routes people actually take.


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