What is VO?

Imagine a city where public safety is at its best, with law enforcement, security officers, and intelligence agencies able to rapidly deal with criminal suspects, specific events or areas of public interest. The city has a multitude of mobile surveillance sensors with outward facing cameras mounted on bus fleets, taxis, police vehicles and integrated CCTV that are all constantly capturing street vision, GPS location and timestamps.

Now imagine there is a technology that enables the authorities to view historical or real-time street footage by clicking on a map on their desktop, determine the time of interest and then automatically have the specifically requested video (across all of the potential sensors) streamed directly to their desktops.

VO technology makes this possible.

Mobile Scattered Surveillance™ (MSS) is a roaming and ubiquitous surveillance infrastructure. It is the ultimate infrastructure for wide-area surveillance techniques and VO makes it simple and extremely effective.

Many cities today have roaming fleets such as public transit vehicles, taxis and police vehicles that carry external facing sensors. This infrastructure resembles an army of constantly moving surveillance sensors that can now be used to improve public safety, counter terrorist initiatives and asset security.

However, this infrastructure is disparate and represents a massive level of complexity. To expeditiously access and interrogate this data is where VO proves essential.

Using a geo-referenced mapping interface, the users of VO can explore precisely how much video footage is available for a given time period and location, either live or retrospectively. The users can place their query across all sensors in their access area. VO then enables the user to download to their desktop the precise video files that correspond to the request.

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