Benefits of VO

VO’s unique capability is the ability to expeditiously and remotely access and interrogate massive volumes of data across a multitude of moving data sensors. Such technology can be applied to a range of industries and usage situations. The immediate focus of VOPL is the security, surveillance, defence and geospatial commercial markets.

VO’s value proposition is to give users immediate and automated access to remote, critical data that would otherwise be almost impossible to locate. The key benefits are:

• rapid response time in situations when timeliness is critical;
• drastically expanded surveillance coverage area; and
• reduced costs and improved re-deployment of skilled resources while providing a vastly improved public safety solution.

VO enables exceptionally easy, secure and remote access to critical video sourced from an array of roaming devices.

For example, there are 8,000 buses in London with forward-facing cameras. However, after the London bombings of 2005 it proved almost impossible and enormously time-consuming for authorities to find critically relevant video.

VO technology would have provided the critical footage in an instant, saving thousands of man hours and resulting in a rapid response based on sound information.


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