How it Works

VO is agnostic about where the data comes from. This is a fundamental paradigm shift in surveillance. The existing methods require the user to look at a specific camera feed based on its fixed location. In the mobile camera environment, one does not know which cameras will provide the desired images and the user is only interested in finding video from a particular place and time. This might involve one or perhaps scores of cameras providing various images of the selected area over the specified time period.

The VO user simply places spatial and temporal filters across map locations to form a query. The matching images are automatically identified based on GPS and time stamps and each image is collated into a sophisticated browser-based interface.

Users draw an area of any shape over the map,such as depicted in the image, to show where they want to retrieve video from, and then they add a time filter.

Surveillance Area

VO displays the matching video in a pop-up window.

Video pop-up

Users can scroll through time to view all the vision over the defined area. A sliding time-scale
allows the VO user to review all the images that satisfy that precise space/time query. As you move along
the time-bar the various images are screened in the browser.

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